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About SkuHarmony

What does this app do?

When set up correctly, this app will keep your inventory counts in perfect sync between a single Square location and a single Shopify store. For example, if you sell 2 units of SKU-A0001 in Shopify, 2 units will automatically be deducted from that same SKU-A0001 in Square, and vice versa.

Why does this app exist?

We’ve found that merchants who want to use Square as their POS, but Shopify for their website, face an impossible task of keeping their inventory counts in sync. And for small merchants, both platforms are drawing from the same inventory bank.

How does this app work?

Once you’ve approved the monthly fee, this app will start listening to both Square and Shopify for any events that affect your inventory. These include: (a) orders, (b) refunds, and (c) manual adjustments. Each time a change is detected on one platform, it is replicated on the other.

How much does this app cost?

Automatic syncing costs [$49 per month]( That said, we also have a forever-free version that can be used to clone products between platforms and manually discover/correct any discrepancies between Square and Shopify with just a few clicks.

What does this app NOT do?

While this app will allow you to initially import your products and product details into the other platform, it is not designed to keep those product details the same as they change, this you will still need to do manually. This app is about inventory counts specifically, for products that are already on both platforms with matching SKUs.

What’s required from me?

1. You must have the ‘Inventory Tracked by Shopify’ setting enabled for all products/variants that you wish to have synced.

2. All of your product variants must have a SKU, and importantly, a unique SKU assigned to them in both Shopify and Square.

How exactly do I install/set up this app?

Step 1 : Install the App

Step 2: Review your Shopify Inventory data

Step 3: Authenticate with Square

Step 4: Reconcile Your Stock Manually

Step 5: Enabled Automatic Syncing

Step 6: Sit Back And Relax


If no products show up from Shopify, remember that all of your products need to be set to \”Shopify Tracks This Products Inventory\” and have a UNIQUE SKU assigned to it. If no products show up from Square? Ask yourself, do I even have any products in your Square account?

Who built this app?

SkuHarmony was built with love in San Francisco. We are a small dev shop that focuses on building simple utilities that make doing business easier.

Email us with any questions at, or schedule a 15-minute zoom meeting with Joshua, our Customer Success Manager, for any additional questions or concerns.

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