Frequently Asked Questions

What does this app do?

When set up correctly, this app will keep your inventory counts in perfect sync between a single Square location and a single Shopify store. For example, if you sell 2 units of SKU-A0001 in Shopify, 2 units will automatically be deducted from that same SKU-A0001 in Square, and vice versa.

Why does this app exist?

We’ve found that merchants who want to use Square as their POS, but Shopify for their website, face an impossible task of keeping their inventory counts in sync. And for small merchants, both platforms are drawing from the same inventory bank.

How does this app work?

Once you’ve approved the monthly fee, this app will start listening to both Square and Shopify for any events that affect your inventory. These include: (a) orders, (b) refunds, and (c) manual adjustments. Each time a change is detected on one platform, it is replicated on the other.


How much does this app cost?

Automatic syncing costs [$49 per month](https://apps.shopify.com/square-stock-sync).


What does this app NOT do?

While this app will allow you to initially import your products and product details into the other platform, it is not designed to keep those product details the same as they change, this you will still need to do manually. This app is about inventory counts specifically, for products that are already on both platforms with matching SKUs.


Who built this app?

SkuHarmony is built with love in Seattle, WA. We are a small dev shop that focuses on building simple utilities that make doing business easier.

Email us with any questions at hello@skuharmony.com, or schedule a zoom meeting with a Customer Success Manager for any additional questions or concerns.





General Information and Important Notes

Before you begin syncing your inventory, please review some important information about what SkuHarmony does, what SkuHarmony doesn’t do, some recommended tips, how to manage your subscription, and where to go for help.


SkuHarmony works by first CLONING products and items from one system to another to ensure your items in both systems share a unique SKU (Stock Keeping Unit). Once things are cloned, SkuHarmony can manually or automatically SYNC any changes in inventory between the two systems. It is important to know that the SKU (or variant SKU) is what we use to keep your inventory in sync. If these do not match exactly in both systems, your items will not be able to sync.


We strongly suggest organizing your inventory in one system and cloning your inventory into an empty product list in the other. Doing so will ensure you don’t have differing SKUs for the same product in both systems.


Syncing is relatively quick, but NOT real-time. Also, SkuHarmony can only clone and sync inventory from 1 Shopify Shop and 1 Square Location at this time. Lastly, we can support up to 2,500 unique SKUs and SKU Variants in either system, but no more.


 Auto-Sync is $49.99 monthly. This is charged by Shopify each month and you can cancel at any time**. Auto-Sync is triggered any time a transaction is made, as well as when you adjust inventory (such as when you receive inventory) in either your Shopify or Square dashboard.


We perform regular checks to ensure your inventory is always in sync and notify you in the “Out-of-Sync” tab when inventory discrepancies exist. The main cause for inventory discrepancies are when multiple transactions occur in quick succession and delays in data from either Shopify or Square.


If your inventory is out of sync, simply visit the SkuHarmony dashboard, click on the “Out of Sync” tab, and reconcile your inventory by identifying the correct quantity number. Click “Use Shopify” if the Shopify quantity is correct. Click “Use Square” if the Square quantity is correct. Otherwise you can override both quantities and update them simultaneously.


If you have questions, please contact us via the Shopify App using the “Get Support” button next to our App name or email us at hello@skuharmony.com



Additional Questions

How can I clone products from Shopify to Square or Visa Versa?

One of the SkuHarmony’s awesome features is that you can create product listings in Shopify or Square, and then clone those listings to the other platform. That includes product descriptions, as well as pictures and additional information. The steps to do so are quite easy. First click on the “Only in Shopify” tab or the “Only in Square” tab (whichever you want to clone FROM). 

In the following example, there are products that are “Only in Shopify.” To clone that product right into Square all you have to do is click “Create in Square.” 

SkuHarmony will automatically create the product in Square, with the same SKU, and bring that product into sync in the SkuHarmony dashboard. This can also be done from Square to Shopify as well. 



Having Problems?

My inventory is not syncing, what is going on?
Products with Duplicate SKUs

There are several things you can do to resolve the problems that you are experiencing before reaching out to customer service. One of the first things you can do is make sure that you have no duplicate SKUs. If you have products that have duplicate SKUs, SKuHarmony cannot keep those items in sync. You can see the list of products on your dashboard that have duplicate SKUs in the following picture. 

To correct this problem, make sure that each product has a unique SKU. After that, the products that have new SKUs will be out of sync, and you will need to manually bring them back into sync. See the section on how to do that. 


Products without SKUs

Another thing you need to check is if all your products have SKUs. Obviously if you have a product that doesn’t have a SKU it won’t be able to be kept in sync. You can see the “Products without SKUs” tab for that.


Out of Sync

The next thing that you should check is if certain products are out of sync. Products that are “out of sync” can’t be kept in sync, and so you need to manually re-sync them. This can easily be done in the “Out of Sync” tab that can be found here. 

After clicking on the “out of sync” tab, you will see a list of your products that are out of sync, and you can see the quantities in Shopify and Square. Bringing them into sync is very easy. Figure out which number is correct, the Shopify quantity or the Square quantity, and then all you have to do is select the “Use Shopify” or the “Use Square” button and then the products will be brought back into sync. 


I reset with my Shopify store or my Square store and now I am getting errors when I try to create products in Shopify or Square from the SkuHarmony dashboard. 

After resetting either the Square store or the Shopify store, SkuHarmony will need you to re-sync the entire connection. This can easily be done by clicking on either the “Shopify Connection” or the “Square Connection” buttons in the top left corner as seen below. 

After clicking on either of those, all you need to do is click “Re-sync” in the top left corner and you should be good to go. 

I can’t seem to get any of my Square (or Shopify) products to show up in SkuHarmony, what do I do?

If you can’t get any of your products to show up, and you have validated both Shopify and Square, what you can do is navigate to the “Square connection” or the “Shopify Connection” page (whichever’s products aren’t showing up) as seen in the picture below. 

After which you should see a screen like the one below. What you need to do is examine the “Square (or Shopify) Locations” tab on the right, and enable the one that you want to be using for your inventory sync. Hit “enable” and then click “Re-sync” in the top left corner of your screen. 

To check if there is something wrong with your Square or Shopify Setup, you can also click on these buttons at the bottom of the screen. 


Have additional questions or problems?

Feel free to email us at hello@skuharmony.com or set up a zoom appointment using the following link, and we will help you get whatever you are dealing with resolved as soon as possible!


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